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Structural evaluation of new and existing buildings and other structures, which includes remodeling and structural modifications:

We have assisted our clients with replacing walls for beams in existing homes to expand the room and bring forth a more modernized look. We have re-evaluated the structure of the front side of the house due to Hurricane damage, modified and updated the framing layout, ceiling framing, and roof framing.

In addition, we have assisted our clients in evaluating foreclosures for personal and business use, structural repairs and/or modifications before and after a purchase. Our assistance allows a client to make an informed decision on whether to purchase that house and provide the estimated budget needed for the repairs/modifications upon purchase.

Structural designs for warehouses, including foundation and structural component members like purlins, rafters, and firewalls.

In some cases, we use cold-formed steel for designs to reduce cost but remains structurally sound.

We Offer Engineering & Architectural Services for:

  • Commercial

    • Shopping centers

    • Retail spaces

    • Strip Centers

    • Motels

    • Gas Stations

    • Car wash

    • Fast food restaurants

    • Dental offices

    • Medical offices and facilities

    • Mechanic shops

  • Residential

    • Additions

    • Remodels

    • Custom homes

    • Single-family dwellings,

    • Multi-story homes

    • Beach houses, covered patios

    • Pergolas

    • Balconies

    • Swimming pools

    • Driveways

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